25 September 2015

Haze condition worsens - Schools to close on Friday, 25 Sept

Dear parents,
MOE has issued a Press Release that Primary & Secondary Schools will close on Friday, 25 September '15, as the forecast PSI may reach hazardous range. For more details, please click on MOE Press Release.

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Home Based E-Learning Today

Dear students,
Please be informed that your subject teachers have uploaded learning resources in the AsknLearn portal for you during the school closure. Please log in to AsknLearn to access your learning resources.

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Teachers' Contact List

Bendemeer in the News!

To know more about our fellow Bendemeerians and their successful stories!

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10 September 2015

New Term 4 Timetable

Dear parents and students,
Click on 'Read More' below to access to the new Term 4's Timetable.

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