Bendemeer Secondary School was located along busy Serangoon Road for over 20 years before it moved to its current location at 1 St Wilfred Road.

Formerly, the land was owned by Mr Hoo Ah Kay, better known as ‘Whampoa’. There was a famous garden on this land - the Whampoa Gardens - a popular place of interest for residents. On Whampoa’s death in 1880, the property was bought by Mr Seah Liang Seah. It was on this very land that Bendemeer Secondary School was built on.

The school was established on 3rd January 1977. It functioned in Beng Wan Primary School for three months before it moved to its new building on 7th March. The school was then officially declared open by the Member of Parliament for Kolam Ayer, Mr Sidek Saniff, on 5th April 1979. The new building was built at a cost of 6 million dollars, inclusive of furniture and equipment.

The classroom block had 28 classrooms with 2 teachers' room, prefects' room, a sick bay and general office on the ground floor and a central library on the first floor. The Science block had 3 science laboratories, 4 Home Economic rooms, an AVA room, resource rovtoms and 4 special rooms. The technical block had 1 electrical, 2 woodwork and 2 metal workshops. Also located in the same block were the technical drawing room and 2 Art rooms.

The school population was only 500 in 1977, but averaged 1800 by 1980, making it one of the biggest secondary schools in Singapore. It was also a Pre-University centre, providing commercial subjects to an average of 400 Pre-U students from 1980 to 1995

It became a single-session school in 1998 and in the same year, relocated to its new premises at St Wilfred Road. A few years before that, it was decided that two schools – Whampoa Secondary and Bendemeer Secondary Schools – would merge. The old Whampoa school building was demolished and students from the former school joined our Bendemeerians. The new school, built on the former site of Whampoa Secondary School, was finally ready in 1998.

Build at a cost of 22 million dollars, the new premises was officially handed over on 23rd May 1998. It has 36 classrooms, 6 science laboratories, a large school hall with viewing galleries, a CD shelter, a multi-media resource library, ample special rooms and CCA room, a Conference Room, a Fitness room, an air-conditioned Career Guidance room and a Counseling room. Special facilities for the handicapped like an elevator and ramps are also available.

In 1998, during the June holidays, the entire school, carrying plaques of our School Vision, School Mission, Our Shared Values and The Bendemeerian Code, walked from the old school site to the new site, marking a new chapter in Bendemeer's history. The School was officially opened at its site on 9th Sept 1998

In 2010, work was underway in the construction of an indoor Sports Hall. The ISH was completed in 2011 and officially opened on 8th Sept 2011.

In July 2011, the grass in the school field was replaced with synthetic turf. It helps to provide a better playing surface during sports activities.

1977-1979 Mr Oei Kim Pheow
1979-1981 Mr Lim Lak Ching
1981-1997 Mdm Rebeca Lee
1998-2002 Mrs Karen Oei
2003-2007 Mrs Rathi Parimalan
2008-2011 Mrs Wong Mee Mee
2012 Mr Ling Khoon Chow
1979-1981 Mdm Rebeca Lee
1985-1988 Mr Anton Kovac
1989-1991 Mrs Lalitha Perera
1992-1995 Mr Ong Kok Hua
1996-2000 Mr Stephen James
2000-2001 Mrs Christine Kong
2002-2004 Mrs Tay Yang Fern
2005-2006 Ms Grace Tan
2006-2013 Mr Tan Teck Tian
2008-2011 Mr Benjamin Kwok
2011-2012 Mr Ling Khoon Chow
2013 Ms Usha Jeyarajah
2013 Ms Tan Ngee Tiang